You can associate a lot with Japan: Sushi, Manga, Samurai, sumo wrestling, cars and electrical appliances. Certainly it is at least Japan that has a strong and well-preserved cultural heritage, here are many ancient temples and citizenry, but customs and customs are also very much linked to ancient traditions.
Many people are understandably enthralled and fascinated by Japanese culture, and a stay at our Tokyo language school is a great place to get to know both the language and the people.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world and has a huge range of almost everything. Larger distances than we might be used to do not get that big anyway with a very well developed subway network.

Remember to take part in a typical Japanese tea ceremony, where you will live the four values ​​of respect, calm, harmony and purity.
A visit to the Harajuku fashion and shopping district is mandatory when you are first in Tokyo. This is a place the inhabitants go to be seen; an adventurous, spontaneous street parade of weird outfits and dresses – Sundays are the best day!
Tokyo is a place you might travel only once in a lifetime, and a language course here will provide a very memorable experience.
The school is well acquainted with Western students and is considered to be of very high quality.


  • Normal course 10-40 weeks with 20 teaching hours per week.

  • Monthly course, 20 lessons per week for 3 or 4 weeks.

    Special start dates, contact us for details and more information.

Average course price with accommodation

GBP6462 weeks
  • Intensive Course
  • 22 lessons per week
  • Maximum 6 participants per group

Combination course + accommodation with host family with private bathroom

GBP11214 weeks
  • Standard course combined with individual teaching
  • 22 lessons per week
  • Maximum 6 participants per group

* The examples are based on an average 2 week course. Does not include flights or other travel costs.


The most common is staying at the Japanese Guest House, in a single room with self-catering facilities. Also the possibility of accommodation in hotels and boarding houses. Family accommodation can be arranged.

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Jeg reiste til St.Petersburg – dette var en opplevelse for livet! Dessverre ble jeg syk etter ankomst og mistet noen uker undervisning, men skolen ga meg veldig mye tilbake etter det. Litt vel intenst med 4 timer sammenhengende undervisning og kun 15 min. pause. Men det funker.
Ingvald, 36 år
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