Support from the Loan Fund for language courses abroad

Are you interested in a longer language journey to one of our international language schools? Then maybe linguistic facilitation semester might be for you? Linguistic facilitation semester are intended for those planning higher education who are entitled to support in the country where they will study languages. In the application for the Loan Fund, you must state which study it is about, that is, the degree to which you plan to take after completed language studies and at which place of study.

The language studies must last at least 3 months with at least 15 teaching hours per week. The support does not apply to English-speaking countries. You receive regular basic support in accordance with the General Fund’s general rules, currently £3,736 for one semester. When you start your degree program 40% is converted into an education grant. If you do not continue your studies, the support will remain as a loan. The loan fund usually requires that you take the course at a university, but private language schools may also be approved. It is then required that you take a public language exam and that the school is approved by the educational authorities. The Language Travel Agency collaborates with schools in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal and Russia that have courses that can qualify for support and that are attractive, high-quality places of study.

Contact us or the Loan Fund for further information. We recommend that you plan such a study well in advance so that the Loan Fund is able to process your application before you start your studies. We also recommend that you check the Loan Fund’s website for updated regulations and practice of the scheme.

Language Scholarships

If you have entered a vocational education abroad (not English-language) that entitles you to a grant, you can receive a grant of £1,376 for the preparatory language course. The conditions are that the course lasts for at least four weeks with a minimum of 15 hours of teaching per week. You usually have to take the course in the country you are going to take the education itself. It is a prerequisite that you take the language course before you begin your vocational training. You can apply for the scholarship at the same time as applying for regular support. Attach confirmation of admission to the language course. The start and end date for the language course must be clearly stated in the confirmation.

Spain (Spanish with Enforex)

In Spain, it is a requirement of the Loan Fund that the language school is approved by the Instituto Cervantes and that the language studies conclude with a DELE exam which can be taken at six levels. Most of our language schools in Spain meet the requirements of the Loan Fund. Contact for Exam Dates.

France (French with Eurocentres)

In France, the Loan Fund demands that the language studies be completed with a DELF or DALF exam. The exam is arranged around 7 times a year and can be taken at different levels. Contact for Exam Dates.

Italy (Italian with Leonardo da Vinci)

In Italy, the Loan Fund requires you to take one of the official exams CILS or CELI. The exam is taken either at the University of Siena or Peruggia. Contact for Exam Dates. Both exams are given at different levels.

Portugal (Portuguese with CIAL)

In Portugal, the Loan Fund requires you to take the CIPLE exam after completed language studies. This exam can be taken at 5 different levels, and is held last week in May, July and November. Contact for Exam Dates. Final dates are not yet available.

Russia (Russian with Liden & Denz)

In Russia, the official exam is called TRKI state exam. The exam is given at 4 different levels and can be taken 6 times a year. Contact for Exam Dates.

Austria (German with Actilingua)

The official exam in Austria is called the Austrian German Language Diploma (OSD). The exam can be taken at 2 levels, and the Loan Fund accepts both levels. Contact for Exam Dates.